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Life Change Academy

A personalized Growth Path to create big change on your time. Stop being a victim of your past programming. Tailor your custom plan to your challenges, and access to over 300 sleep hypnosis & ‘You Are’ affirmation sessions.

You’ll have what you need to level up all the areas of your life!

  • Career & Financial
  • Family, Relational & Social
  • Personal Development & Education
  • Physical & Mental Health
  • Self-Image & Self-Worth

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Life Change Academy

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About Me

Hey! I’m Antony and I’m Ready to Help You.

After surviving a childhood of extreme poverty & neglect, a heartbreaking divorce, and a 20-year addiction to smoking, I was able to turn my life around using the power of hypnosis.

Since then, as a certified hypnotist, I’ve helped tens of thousands of others quit smoking, get over an ex, lose weight, quit stuttering, and so much more.

  • Fully-Certified in hypnotherapy through Strategic Life Academy
  • I’ve helped thousands of people just like you quit smoking
  • Earned over 1 million hours of watch time on YouTube in 2020 alone

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NO JOKE… I “accidentally” quit smoking, with NO WITHDRAWALS, after 20+ years. It worked so easily and effectively, it compelled me to become a hypnotist myself. So here’s how it happened…I was folding laundrye day while listening to a Tony

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