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Feeling stuck in the same unhealthy habits when you’ve tried everything to change is more than’s depressing.

But change shouldn’t have to be that hard…

With the right tools, you can literally change your mindset (and subsequently your habits) overnight.

I’ll show you how

Hey! I'm Antony and I'm ready to help you.

After surviving a childhood of extreme poverty & neglect, a heartbreaking divorce, and a 20-year addiction to smoking, I was able to turn my life around using the power of hypnosis.

Since then, as a certified hypnotist, I’ve helped tens of thousands of others quit smoking, get over an ex, lose weight, quit stuttering, and so much more.

What Others
Are Saying

It’s my mission to help others overcome their obstacles and create better lives by delivering the most effective, highest-quality online hypnosis and affirmations experience available.

What would you like to change in your life?

Your Path to Change

1. Start by Taking Your Personal Growth Assessment

take our simple assessment to see where you should focus first

2. Take Immediate Action to Create Forward Momentum

Incorporate your hypnosis Action Plan into your routine. Day & night

3. Measure Your Positive Changes

Write down any and all positive changes you notice each day. Build a habit of gratitude for life-long abundance

4. Your Success Will Carry You Forward!

After 21 days, retake your assessment and determine what you want to tackle next!

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NO JOKE… I “accidentally” quit smoking, with NO WITHDRAWALS, after 20+ years. It worked so easily and effectively, it compelled me to become a hypnotist myself. So here’s how it happened…I was folding laundry one day while listening to a Tony Robbins presentation. He was on the topic of how to change bad habits in a lasting way, and since I’m

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