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Fully-Certified Hypnotherapy

I’m a hypnotist and NLP practitioner that helps people overcome bad habits, build confidence, and make progress in their life through the power of hypnosis affirmations and deep change work.

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About us

I Get It… I’ve Been There.

As a child, I often had to take care of my mother, who had chronic schizophrenic episodes and many physically and mentally abusive relationships. I remember standing in food lines and being homeless for a time. We rarely lived anywhere long enough to be stable, so I had very few friends and a ton of pent up anger and self-doubt.

By 16, I dabbled in drug use and became addicted to smoking, became a father to twin boys at just 18 and had undergone a terrible divorce at 22.

Without any real skills or direction, I suffered through terrible depression and anxiety, becoming stuck on the treadmill of life.

I’m Ready to Help You.

It’s my mission to help others overcome their obstacles and create better lives by delivering the most effective, highest-quality online hypnosis and affirmations experience available.

After surviving a childhood of extreme poverty & neglect, a heartbreaking divorce, and a 20-year addiction to smoking, I was able to turn my life around using the power of hypnosis.

Since then, as a certified hypnotist, I’ve helped tens of thousands of others quit smoking, get over an ex, lose weight, quit stuttering, and so much more.

  • Fully-Certified in hypnotherapy through Strategic Life Academy
  • I’ve helped thousands of people just like you quit smoking
  • Earned over 1 million hours of watch time on YouTube in 2020 alone
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Articles by Antony Reed

Hypnosis Meditation

THIS is Why Hypnosis and Meditation are the Same Thing

Meditation, like many other religious practices, had its roots in mysticism as it was utilized in many religious traditions as a form of prayer, dating back to the Middle Ages. It was mentioned in religious beliefs such as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and...

I AM Affirmations Not Working? Here’s Why

As a hypnotist and NLP practitioner, I’m always looking for ways to hack the subconscious to bring on meaningful and lasting change. I have noticed a trend over the years that flies in the face of what we know about the subconscious mind… The misuse of I...


NO JOKE… I “accidentally” quit smoking, with NO WITHDRAWALS, after 20+ years. It worked so easily and effectively, it compelled me to become a hypnotist myself. So here’s how it happened…I was folding laundry one day while listening to a Tony Robbins presentation. He...
3 happy people in field of sunflowers

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