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THIS is Why Hypnosis and Meditation are the Same Thing

Meditation, like many other religious practices, had its roots in mysticism as it was utilized in many religious traditions as a form of prayer, dating back to the Middle Ages. It was mentioned in religious beliefs such as Judaism, Hinduism,...

I AM Affirmations Not Working? Here’s Why

As a hypnotist and NLP practitioner, I’m always looking for ways to hack the subconscious to bring on meaningful and lasting change. I have noticed a trend over the years that flies in the face of what we know about the subconscious mind… The misuse


NO JOKE… I “accidentally” quit smoking, with NO WITHDRAWALS, after 20+ years. It worked so easily and effectively, it compelled me to become a hypnotist myself. So here’s how it happened…I was folding laundrye day while listening to a Tony

Hey there, I’m Antony Reed

I’m a certified hypnotist and NLP practitioner who specializes in helping people finally stop their bad habits (including addiction), build confidence, and make progress in their life through hypnosis affirmations and deep change work.

From being homeless as child with a mentally unstable mother to being an adult addicted to smoking and depressed from a break up… I understand the feeling of being stuck on the treadmill of life going nowhere. I understand the feeling of being embarrassed by your life but feeling inadequate to change it. And that’s why I created Life Change Academy. A monthly membership for those that are ready to level up their life and create big change.

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