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By Antony Reed |
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NO JOKE… I “accidentally” quit smoking, with NO WITHDRAWALS, after 20+ years. It worked so easily and effectively, it compelled me to become a hypnotist myself.

quit smoking

So here’s how it happened…
I was folding laundry one day while listening to a Tony Robbins presentation. He was on the topic of how to change bad habits in a lasting way, and since I’m super interested in how the mind works, was super-interesting to me. He said you have to stop “trying” to change, because trying presupposes a plan to fail. Instead, you need to fully commit to the change you want, then quickly take MASSIVE action to make it happen. Leave no other option in your mind but success.

After hearing this, I had to test it. I wasn’t planning to make any changes that day but testing it out on smoking just seemed obvious. What did I have to lose? I was just curious… For the record, I had tried dozens of times to quit over the 20+ years of being a heavy smoker… Gum, patches, cold-turkey… So I didn’t expect some big breakthrough here.

The Experiment…
I took just a few minutes to mentally prepare, getting into the state of mind of commitment to quitting smoking. (If you’ve ever felt committed to something you too can recall the feeling and mentally step into it.) After I was in the right mindset, I stated out loud “I Quit!”

I then decided to follow Tony’s advice by taking immediate and massive action. I figured I’d give self-hypnosis a shot. So I quickly searched online and found a recorded session for cheap. So l paid a few bucks, downloaded the audio, laid back on my bed, and let the hypnotist do his job.

Looking back now, it was not the best session. It was okay, but nothing special… Basic muscle relaxation and some clinical-sounding hypnotist. But it worked! When he brought me back after a count of five, I was done and I knew it. I had ZERO cravings, ZERO withdrawals… Done and done.

You can do this too…
Since becoming a professional hypnotist myself, I have helped thousands of people quit just as easily. I also enhanced the session experience, making an even more effective session by implementing the latest suggestive techniques and walking you through a “high road” and “low road” scenario, showing you not just the negatives of smoking but contrasting it with the emotionally-charged highs of the benefits you achieve when you successfully quit for good!

If you’re looking to quit smoking yourself, why not go for it yourself? I’ve created this powerful sleep-hypnosis session to make it even more convenient. Just commit to quit, say so out loud, then listen to this session as you drift off to sleep tonight. You will wake up refreshed and feeling amazing.

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