"This healed me last night "

"I’m so thankful. This video did in one night what medicine and self care couldn’t do in several years. You have a gift! I’m grateful to whatever force brought me to listen. ."

-Monica Belmontes

"Had smoked for 58 years."

"Absolutely amazing...It was so easy I felt like somehow I cheated...I am forever or at least until I'm dead, in your debt...I am sure you have extended my life and I am truly grateful. My five kids will be grateful, my five grand kids will be grateful and possibly my great grand kids too."

- Larry Rowthorn

Quit Smoking

"I woke up happy."

"I’m not sure how this happened.. I have been heartbroken and sad for the past month. Crying every morning over a love I lost that I chose to walk away from. I listened to this video last night and this morning I feel incredible. I woke up happy. The wet blanket on my body disappeared! Thank you so much. I plan to listen to this for 21 days straight."

-311 Soul


"All i can say is... RESULTS."

"Literally been listening for over 3 months now...I have always struggled starting or sticking to lifestyle changes, diets, exercise, etc. but I have been working out at least 5days/wk and changing my eating habits since January. Its [o]nly the beginning. Thank you for sparking the flame inside me!"

-Carisa Reinhart

Weight Loss

"This is amazing!"

I can literally observe how it is impacting my life positively! Thank you very much

-Book Warm Tee


"It's almost as if I'm saying a strangers name."

"Thank you for the video. This is the first time in a month that I woke not thinking about my ex. I tried to remember the memories we shared and NOTHING. I say his name and it's almost as if I'm saying a strangers name. Thank you very much."

- Matilda

"I got the best birthday present ever!!"

"I listened to this a couple times and gave birth 24ish hours later. I was due on August the 18th and my boy was born on the 6th. My Contractions where already 5 mins apart when I first noticed them and I had such a quick birth (I pushed for a little less then an hour). It was definitely because of this subliminal and I'm glad I listened to it when I did."

- star jae

Inducing Labor

"This session is a LIFE giver..."

"...and changer and I don't say that lightly. Thank you from the depths of my soul. "

-A M

stop self-sabotage

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!"

"48 years smoking a pack plus a day...it's been a month now and no urge at all!! I've surprised a lot of people never thought I could do it including myself. Thank you so much!!!"

-CherylLee Patete

Quit Smoking

"Best procrastination hypnosis ever."

"Thank you! I've been using your other short videos during study breaks and they're refreshing in a way that other hypnosis tracks aren't. Best part is I don't accidentally fall asleep and sleep all day instead of studying."

- Dr. B

overcome procrastination

"This works!"

"I don't even have a feeling of smoking after one night of listening. I usually need that smoke in the morning and this morning, I don't even think about it. "

- David Blaiz

quit smoking

"Thank you for being such a positive force in the world!"

"As someone who is also certifying in clinical hypnotherapy (as well as continually trying to personally improve in my own life) - part of my “homework” is exploring/researching the sessions/tone/flow/suggestions of other successful practioners...You’re definitely one of my favorites and this session has been one of the most beneficial to me personally!"

-Lindsey Bradley

"You have been changing so many lives..."

"...from your powerful hypnosis audios. You have helped transform my life in many ways. You helped me quit smoking over night, end a toxic relationship, and become a better me at my highest point of internal happiness. I am forever grateful to you."

-Krissylo Jay

"I am now coming up to ten weeks off cigarettes"

"I have never felt so good and healthy for so long I’ve been smoking since I was 18 and I’m so happy I am doing this now in my life thanks to this brilliant man Antony Reed "

- Alison Obrien

quit smoking

"I hadn't thought the difference would be so profound!"

"I've listened to "I am" affirmations in meditations but found my mood lowered, especially after overnight sessions. Listening to an 8 hour "You are" meditation brings me to a much more cheerful place - a more hopeful place."

- Kathleen Christian

"I never felt so calm in my heart..."

"...since then I don't obsess over the person; he might cross my mind but I really think I don't have any feelings for him anymore. I purged some tears after I did this but it felt quite good after. anyways, I just wanted to thank you so mucch because this was taking so much of my energy for so long... Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Raw Vibes

Hypnosis to forget someone

"This Hypnosis track is so incredibly powerful. "

"I’m on day 2 now and I can say It’s been a breeze! I have done many hypnosis tracks and sessions before but nothing has got me so deep in trance like this one. I was in a completely different world what felt like but I was never scared. Thank you so much!"

-Bronwyn Delaivuna

"This makes my whole body physically buzz."

"And I can feel positive energy flowing through me after about 30 mins of listening and deep breathing.. I highly suggest this to anyone who thinks they might benefit from it. I have never felt the effects of ‘digital drugs’ before this, and I have been trying for years."

- Jessica Leigh Allegedly

"A weight is lifted off my shoulders."

"Thank you again, I recently went through 4 months of prolonged exposure therapy and my ptsd has come back stronger than ever. I’ve been using this hypnosis again and a weight is lifted off my shoulders. Grateful for you as always."

- Saph Sublame

"I don't feel like smoking anymore."

"I listened as I went to sleep...I have smoked for 35 years...oh my goodness....I don't feel like a smoke this morning"

"Nothing worked but this worked for me 26 days no cigs"


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